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Feb. 24, 2015

SAMZ Neighbourhood Pub

Feb. 24, 2015

Leading Sports Pub, Liquor & Beer Store Chain Celebrates Record Growth in 2014

Aly Sunderji, of Samz Neighbourhood Pubs and Liquor Stores in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, is proud to announce record company growth in 2014. The three pubs, which are located in Surrey, Port Coquitlam and Pitt Meadows have all experienced record numbers of patrons in the past year. This, according to Aly, is due to the excellent service they offer, the great variety of liquor and beer selections, the amazing food and fun atmosphere. “Our focus is to make sure that our patrons at all 3 locations get the best experience possible. We provide one of the leading pub and bar scenes in the Lower Mainland of BC.”

The growth is not just limited to 2014 but has also extended into 2015. We checked their website to find out the kind of drinks and food menu on offer. Each day of the week has a specific menu that patrons can choose from ranging from Canadian Pints and margaritas to prime rib dinners and steaks and prawns. There is a “1/2 price Appy Menu” every afternoon of the week that is available between 2pm and 5pm.

Two of their locations, Surrey and Port Coquitlam, also act as liquor, wine and beer stores. They are stocked with a wide selection of labels and they are intended as an alternative to BC liquor stores. In order to ensure that they have something for everyone they have some brands that are priced lower than in BC liquor stores and there are also regular specials on offer.

Aly told us that they host functions year-round. “All our locations are available for hire. We host parties, fundraisers and any other events that clients may require. Many BC residents come to us because we are famous for our catering. We also consider ourselves sports pubs. You will regularly find BC residents relaxing in our pubs with friends and family, watching sporting events or just catching up. Each of our 3 pubs is designed differently; they all have a unique character and style.”

About plans for the coming year, Aly told us that patrons can expect the high quality service that they have always received as well as an excellent menu to choose from. The focus is on ensuring that business keeps growing and the only way to do that is continually improve.

You can find out more about Samz Neighbourhood Pubs and Liquor Stores by visiting their website at

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